Think lifestyle.  Love the food you eat.  Enhance your health.

Intelligently Nourished offers one-on-one coaching, online programs and cooking classes
to educate and empower people to take charge of their health through food.
Simple dietary changes have profound effects on a multitude of chronic conditions and
our goal is to teach you the most practical ways to enhance or transform your health.


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Fork Smart Summit

Only a week away! On day 2 I’ll be showing you how to prepare fast and easy, budget friendly oil free WFPB meals to help you get started with this woe. Hope to see you there!...

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Time for a treat? Baking kits are 30% 0ff! Buy a taste of the good life with a vegan Chocolate Frosted Cake or Apple Spice Cake!

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Plant-based Baking Kits

Pick up your oil-free plant-based baking kits while they last. Available at the Vegfest Holiday Market on Dec 2nd, 2017. 11 am - 4 pm. Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association, Calgary. Don't spend time searching for specialty vegan baking ingredients this season!...

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Buy a baking kit at Vegfest Holiday Market

No time to trapse all over town in search of the highest quality ingredients to bake this season? Get your vegan, oil-free, plant-based baking kit on December 2nd at the VegFest YYC Holiday market. 100% organic ingredients. No food waste. Recyclable packaging. Eat...

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Designed to empower you to take charge of your health in the shortest time possible. For individuals with specific dietary restrictions, common health conditions, weight loss & maintenance goals, athletes trying to improve performance, and anyone proactively seeking optimal health as one of their long-term health goals.

Cooking Classes

You don’t have to sacrifice flavour to create healthy recipes using REAL ingredients. Learn useful strategies to help you confidently navigate the WFPB lifestyle. Whatever your culinary background, be prepared to learn a few new skills along the way and cook truly nourishing plant-based meals from scratch with confidence & ease.

“The greatest wealth is health”


Publius Vergilius Maro

The science behind the plant-based diet may be clear but implementation is not easy. This is where Carol shines! I now have new strategies and skills to create dishes that are healthier and still full of flavour. I never thought I could fry food without oil, and yet it is easy and just as fast. My husband has been able to remove dairy and wheat from his diet and is much happier with his overall health and well-being. I feel that EVERYONE, especially those who have dietary lifestyle related health problems should take the time to learn from Carol.

Dianne Muzzy

New Life for Legs

Honestly, I was lost when it came to a plant-based diet. I read lots of articles online, own a couple of books and invested in a blender but I could never quite figure out the “how-to.” Carol delivered a strategy that worked with my lifestyle and an action plan that gave me the confidence to start. She has incredible insight and was absolutely essential in guiding me through the transition process. I now have a repertoire of healthy meals that my kids and I love and a new fire under my butt to tackle my health issues. I learned so much from Carol (and still do) and I know so many other people who could benefit from her courses and cooking classes. Actually, I don’t know many that wouldn’t!

Judy Garay