Do you find the nutritional information out there all over the
place and you can’t seem to make sense of so much contradictory
health advice?


Want to know how to get started on you own health transformation
in the shortest time possible?



Our content-rich courses synthesize evidence-based nutritional information so you don’t have to and we communicate it in an on-the-go format that is easy for you to follow and understand.

Designed to empower you take charge of your health, you’ll build relationships with like-minded people in a private Facebook community for free, and maximize learning opportunities while you discover the lifestyle that will change your health destiny.

If you are looking for an affordable opportunity to learn and a place to connect with others for free while on your health-transforming journey, you will benefit from one of these programs.

Accessible Format

Programs are delivered in sequential modules. Every week, for 10 weeks, you will receive a new module in your inbox. You can download it, print it out, or read it on your device. Read it wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for you…

You’ll also be provided with an audio file, which is especially great for those who prefer to listen to the modules instead.


The private Facebook group is where your journey becomes really gratifying. Imagine being in a community of people sharing incredible wisdom. I’ll also be posting and be available to answer your questions and offer advice when you’re stuck. Why? Because my goal is for this community to be a place where we all commit to the continuous pursuit of optimal health and I know you have experiences, wisdom, and stories of your own that will help others. All it takes is for you to show up, share and support the other people in the group.

Health transformation doesn’t happen overnight but having a trusted community to lean on when you need help or support strengthens your commitment to stay the course and carry on, even when the going gets tough and you may feel like giving up. Through the relationships you build and the stories you share, the private Facebook group will be the place you’ll want to go to for knowledge, new skills, help and support with challenges, and most importantly, to celebrate successes.

Transforming your health is a marathon, not a sprint.


At Intelligently Nourished we know your best chance of
reaching your health goals starts with the food you eat.


Our programs shorten your learning curve so that
you can achieve your goals faster.


Are you in?

WFPB Athletes Program

Dozens of plant-based athletes have improved their personal athletic performance and taken their fitness to a higher level. Dispel protein myths, learn how to eat for optimal performance and avoid the mistakes most commonly made by athletes. Athletes achieve amazing results from following the WFPB Athletes program. Give yourself, your team or your club the competitive advantage.

Eat to Thrive Program

If optimal health is one of your long-term goals or you are someone with specific dietary restrictions, food intolerances, common chronic health conditions, or weight loss and maintenance goals, you will benefit greatly from the our Eat to Thrive Program. Learn everything you need to know to take charge of your health and get the long-term results you have always wanted.

Nothing changes until you change so the question is “Are you ready to make a change?”
Success is unstoppable when you commit to the goal, believe in yourself, and do the work.

If you are ready to actively take responsibility for what you really want, you’ll be thrilled
with the Programs. Not just the price, but the format, the community, and most importantly, the results.

Here’s what’s included:


  • Content-rich modules containing evidence-based nutritional information, stories, insights, guidance, tools to help you move forward.
  • Lifetime Access to the Eat To Thrive or the WFPB Athletes Program so you can take the program again and again, anytime you feel you need a refresher.
  • An easy to follow format PLUS audio so you can access the modules on the go, in your own space and time.
  • Access to an exclusive, pitch-free Facebook Community to get answers to your questions from myself and maximize your learning from other members.


Here is how these programs work:

Each weekly module will cover a specific topic and you’ll learn…

  • How optimal nutrition can influence the development, maintenance and restoration of your health.
  • Basic nutrition concepts, get clear on the right fuel for your body, and the optimal WFPB Eating guide.
  • How the food industry impacts your food choices, the myth of willpower and the psychology behind your food choices.
  • To compare and contrast traditional treatments vs. dietary intervention and the effects from diet vs. genes.
  • To weed through misleading claims about dietary supplements and how to supplement responsibly. Feeling better doesn’t always mean getting better.
  • To put an end to the confusion on food labels. No more wondering about hidden fat and sugars, etc.
  • How to confidently create and implement a strategy for success now that you know health starts at the end of your fork.
  • The secrets of water fasting; what to know before your start, what happens in the body during a the fast and how to properly end it.
  • How to eat for optimal athletic performance, WFPB Sports nutrition and what to know about paleo.
  • And much more…


Is a program right for you?


7 Reasons to Enrol in a Program


  • You want to eat healthy but you are confused by conflicting nutritional information in the media.
    You want a deeper understanding of how the food you eat impacts your health. You’d also like to know how to weed through sources of misinformation and common misconceptions.
  • You want to eat healthy but you just can’t find the time
    You’re busy. We get it. It feels like everyone needs something from you and you just can’t find a moment to plan healthy meals, let alone shop for ingredients and prepare the food.
  • You, or a member of your family has specific dietary restrictions or food sensitivities
    Your teenager decided to become a vegan and your husband is gluten-free. You want to make sure your loved ones are getting the nutrients they need and not loading up on processed vegan and gluten-free junk food.
  • You are an athlete wanting to improve your performance
    You want to learn which foods best fuel your fitness and build muscle, and you want to avoid common mistakes when initiating a whole plant food lifestyle.
  • You are proactively seeking optimal health as one of your long-term goals
    You worry about developing the same illnesses and conditions as your parents or other family members. You want evidence-based information and perspectives about safe and effective ways to prevent common chronic diseases.
  • You want to reclaim your health
    You have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and are looking for an alternative to conventional treatments such as pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery to improve your quality of life. You may have already tried conventional medicine and found that it did little to help your condition.
  • The side-effects of a treatment you are receiving are hard on your body
    You are looking for foods to eat that to ease the side effects of drugs but won’t interfere with your treatment or healing process.

Are you ready? Does it feel like now is your time?

Take the first step to reaching your health goals!