Lentil Soup

Delicious. Understated. Hearty. Creamy without the addition of any cream whatsoever. These are a few of the words I would use to describe this soup. With subtle flavours of lemon, garlic and just a hint of cloves, this is comfort food in a bowl.

This recipe and is a snap to prepare! The texture is silky and smooth but still pourable – as opposed to thick and pasty. If you prefer the soup to be thicker, you can either add more lentils or reduce the amount of stock called for in the recipe.

Cucumber Salad with Chickpeas

Sometimes the best salads have only a few ingredients. This unfussy cucumber salad is one of them. Simple to prepare and cooling on a hot summer day or served along side any kind of hot and spicy food. The addition of fresh dill raises it from ordinary to a herbaceous, fragrant chef-d’oeuvre. Enjoy it as a light lunch or serve it along side other dishes at barbeques, potlucks and picnics.

Queso with Black Beans and Pickled Vegetables

This healthy queso is pretty quick to throw together using ingredients you most likely have on hand. It makes a great addition to your 'Game Day' spread and a fabulous hearty snack on any other occasion. Best of all, you won't blow your healthy eating goals by indulging! Even the omni's love this queso, so I just know you’ll wanna make this recipe again and again. And why not?

Amazingly Healthy Festive Dessert

I love recipes that I can make ahead at this time of year because it means that I can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family and friends on the big day!

Winter Brussels Sprouts Salad

Everybody loves this Brussels Sprouts salad. Its pretty simple to make, only calls for a few ingredients and keeps in the refrigerator for several days. This dressing boasts salty, sweet, tangy, and earthy flavours all at once, and the toasted almonds finish it off nicely with a bit of crunch. I actually crave this salad every now and again. Those flavours just hit the spot for me!

Quinoa and Fresh Vegetable Ragout

Often mistaken for a grain, quinoa is a seed and a complete protein. A Peruvian friend of mine just blew me away with this simple, flavourful dish one night. I had to have the recipe but of course my friend didn’t use one! She simply gathered a few choice vegetables from her fridge and simmered them in a pan with pre-soaked quinoa and fresh tomato sauce. Sometimes the most uncomplicated dishes make the best meals!

Lentil and Grape Salad

This delightfully yummy salad is made with French green lentils and fresh English mint (spearmint). I plant a big pot of this mint in my garden every year - it's one of my favourite herbs. Spearmint tastes great and it smells fantastic – if you’ve never planted your own spearmint before you definitely should. Just be sure to contain it as it grows like mad and will overtake your garden if you allow it!

Outstanding Non-dairy Cheese

I'm not going to lie - there are several steps to this stellar cheese but its not at all difficult to make - I promise! The texture is firm enough to hold a shape if molded, yet soft enough to spread on crackers. The flavour reminds me of “Boursin.” With a little planning ahead you'll find this cheese recipe worth the effort.

Best Ever Plant-based Sour Cream

I made this sour cream to serve with quesadillas the other day and boy was it good! I’ve also made it to go with curries, stroganoffs, soups and chilis and I have turned it into a salad dressing by thinning it out and adding a variety of different herbs and seasonings.

You need only 4 ingredients to prepare this recipe and from start to finish, the whole thing can be made in less than 10 minutes. People are always pleasantly surprised when they learn that this sour cream is dairy-free because it tastes so good!

Chipotle Quinoa Burger in a Lettuce Wrap

These tasty quinoa burgers aren't mushy and they don't fall apart when you cook them in a fry pan. They are also surprisingly light so don’t be surprised if people ask for seconds. Even my meat-eating friends think these burgers are super delicious!