Plant-based  oil-free  and gluten-free

  Decadence with a Difference

Plant-based baking kits. Low in refined sugar. Whole vegan ingredients.
Suitable for a variety of food intolerances or dietary lifestyles

Healthy Baking Has Never Been Easier

There is always an occasion for a something sweet. Make one thats better for you.


Intelligently Nourished Gifts


Are you looking for a gift that is cruelty-free and fair?
Our baking kits are perfect for conscious gifting and healthy living at the same time.
Why not spoil your favourite foodie with our unique cookies or a  delicious dessert kit and create an unforgettably delicious memory?

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Baking Kits

We make it easy to maintain healthy eating habits while enjoying an indulgent treat

Begin with inspiring recipes and the highest quality organic ingredients that you just won’t find in store-bought cookies and desserts  


What’s inside your kit?

Baking kits contain a recipe card, parchment paper and pre-measured, nutritious, plant-based ingredients.  With the addition of  a few staple pantry items, you’ll have everything you need to make  fabulous cookies or cakes! 

 Kits are shelf-stable for at least 6 months 

No food waste

Recyclable packaging

Our baking kits take the ‘ache’ out of baking