If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or don’t know what it is, then you should probably be asking what it is, and whether or not it benefits your health in any way to eat it. Every day, the marketers on various social media platforms shout louder and louder to sell us something they want us to buy. We live in an era of pervasive, if not intrusive media advertising. It is difficult if not impossible to get through a day without being exposed to unsolicited advertising by some company who thinks you may be interested in its product.

But back to real food and ingredients in food. Supermarket cake mixes include patented ingredients that ensure a cake does what the package states it will do, and you’ll never know what those ingredients are because that information is proprietary. But you can bet they are chemically based and not included in the cake mix with your health in mind. If that were the case, marketers would be all over it.

At Intelligently Nourished we are all about pure and natural ingredients in our baking kits. As much as possible, every ingredient we use is organic and has a healthy purpose for being included in our recipes. You won’t find any artificial flavours or additives – in fact, if we can’t come up with a dessert recipe free of those things, you won’t find it in our shop.

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