What is an Intelligently Nourished Luxury Dessert Kit?
Intelligently Nourished Dessert kits are a fun and convenient way to bake unique and exquisite desserts without compromising your nutrition. Our recipes are designed for discerning tastes and a new healthier modern baking experience.

We create high-end recipes and provide all of the ingredients you need to make one fabulous show-stopping dessert.

No more time spent shopping for ingredients. All ingredients are pre-measured, individually wrapped and ready to use, so there is no food waste. Our beautifully packaged kits include additive and preservative free organic (unless stated otherwise) whole food ingredients, an easy-to-follow recipe card and parchment paper. In most cases, all you need to add to make one of our delicious desserts, is water. And love.

Did I mention that all of our packaging is recyclable? We care as much about the food we eat as we do about the impact on the environment.

How difficult are your recipes, really?
Our easy to follow instructions were designed for people with all levels of baking skills. Our goal is to create desserts that are not only elegant and unique, but simple too. And we’ve done it. Whether you are new to baking or have loads of experience, you’ll love the convenience of being able to create healthy desserts easily and quickly.
Do you create the recipes yourself?
Absolutely! All the products have been tried and taste-test approved! Our recipes are developed with modern-day health-conscious people and environmentally sustainable products in mind.
Are all of your desserts truly oil free?
You bet! We are committed to using only whole food, vegan and plant-based ingredients in all of our recipes because we believe that every ingredient matters.

Since oil is extracted from a whole food, extremely high in calories and low in micronutrients, we have come up with creative ways to bake without it. That includes avoiding vegan and dairy free butters because they tend to be oil based. Eliminating oil from our recipes means significantly fewer calories and truly guilt-free desserts!

Our desserts are suitable for those with a variety of food intolerances or lifestyles. How great is that? We are meticulous about sourcing quality ingredients and you can read all about them on the Every Ingredient Matters page. We have also provided the nutritional breakdown for each of our dessert recipes on the shopping page next to each individual dessert.

Are any of your products gluten-free?

Yes! All of our cookies and several of our desserts are gluten-free as well as vegan. You’ll find this information in the descriptions of our kits. We can also create gluten-free kits by special order. If you would like to request a gluten-free dessert kit, send us an email with your request.

However, we do not work in a gluten-free facility. We have strict standard operating procedures in place to avoid cross-contamination during our packaging process, but we cannot guarantee our kits are free from cross contamination. We also do not test for gluten – we rely on our suppliers to be responsible for gluten-free claims on their products. So, for those with celiac disease, we recommend that you purchase products from a certified gluten-free facility.

Integrity, safety, and quality of your products
All of our kits hold the highest standards when it comes to product quality and supplier integrity. The vast majority of the ingredients are purchased from a certified organic facility in Canada that is inspected, audited and approved by ProCert according to US/Canadian organic standards. Various Canadian suppliers and distributors of third-party certified organic facilities, whose products have been grown, harvested and manufactured according to US/Canadian organic standards from a verified certified organic farm, provide the rest.
Generally, ingredients in our kits are shelf-stable for 6 months. We think these kits are a great staple to have in your home for those unexpected occasions! Unopened maple syrup has a shelf life of 3 years or one year after opening, if stored in the refrigerator. Ingredients sourced from our suppliers generally exceed 6 months and have best-buy dates stamped on the packets.
Can I buy a kit as a gift for someone else?
Of course! When you purchase online, you will be asked if the item(s) are gift(s) and prompted to provide the mailing information for the recipient.

We currently ship within Canada and the USA. When you add items to your cart our shipping tool will calculate the cost of shipping to your location so you can see the total cost of items  +  shipping before placing your order.

Returns Policy
Your satisfaction is really importance to us! For health and safety reasons, and as part of our quality control program, we will not resell something once it leaves our hands. Therefore, our dessert kits are not returnable. However, we understand that occasionally there are special circumstances for a return. If you are not entirely satisfied with your order, send us an email and we will do everything we can to satisfy you.
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