Beet and Blueberry Soup


October 13, 2017


1 medium red beet, cooked peeled and chopped (reserve a slice for garnish)

8 oz. fresh blueberries (reserve a few for garnish if you like)

6 prunes, soaked overnight in 1 cup of water – reserve the water

1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice (use lime if you don’t have lemon)

1 tsp. vanilla


1Place all the ingredients into a high speed blender, including the soaking water from the prunes. Puree until completely smooth. I used a Vitamix to get the mixture really smooth. Taste the mixture and adjust for a balance between sweetness and tartness. Add more lemon juice if necessary. If the mixture seems too thick or you prefer to turn this into a smoothie, you could thin the mixture out with a little more water or juice – but not too much. The flavour is so good that I don’t recommend diluting it.

2Pour the soup into bowls and garnish with reserved fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs – whatever you like. In my soup photo above, I topped the bowls with toasted coconut flakes, coarsely chopped almonds, pumpkin and hemp seeds.